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NetCyte is a next-generation network access control solution that provides dynamic and adaptive access control with unparalleled threat discovery.

NetCyte creates a holistic view of the IT infrastructure by enabling 100% accurate discovery, classification and profiling of any device.

The solution reduces the attack surface and minimises the impact of cyber threats originating from devices in the corporate networks.

Home page displays the list of devices. A right click on any device shows possible actions for inventory analysis, operating system information and device management.

Based on the device type different actions are possible. For a Windows based device additional actions like remote script execution, notification and automation tasks are provided.

Devices are identified and actions are executed without requiring agents.

Thanks to its .NET based technology agentless threat discovery is more advanced than any of its competitors.

From top menu built-in filters provide a simple way to search for devices.

Based on focus areas CISO’s, network administrators and operators use different dashboards and menus.

Visualisation and Analysis Menu provides the main dashboards for analysis.

Threat analysis enables the identification of possible threats NetCyte has discovered.

Events can be filtered based on severity level and a time range for events can be identified.

The dashboard is interactive and the devices matching the filter is shown on the right side. When right clicked actions can be executed for the devices.

Windows Malware Analysis is also an important feature of NetCyte. White lists for important inventory information like scheduled tasks, auto-run, drivers, services, applications creating listening ports and processes can be created. Most malicious applications use these locations for persistence. By tracking these locations such risky or unauthorised applications can be discovered.

The permitted white lists can be managed The permitted white lists can be managed from the other sections in the page


An entry can easily be added to the trust lists with ease. Once the trust lists are defined any uncompliant activity is identified immediately.

Currently active devices which are uncompliant can be identified from Compliance Analysis.

Another important feature of NetCyte is to discover how applications transmit information to the Internet. The system periodically checks process behaviour. From Geolocation map traffic flow is mapped to geographical location. A process can be excluded easily and the filters applied can be saved enabling the discovery of malicious processes.

After the filters applied possible malicious applications can be identified.

An important distinctive feature of NetCyte is DNS Based threat analysis. By acting as a DNS server user traffic is analysed and malicious traffic is identified. Devices creating the malicious traffic is blocked.

The system offers a complete visualisation of the network infrastructure. Users, devices and switches can be analysed in a single network map.

By searching for a username it is possible to identify which switch port the user and device operates.

The system also enables the design of customised dashboards. More than 50 different templates are provided based on chart and list views.

All the visibility provided can be achieved without complex agent deployments and traffic analysis. No administrative rights are also required. The system is easy to deploy, as no agents or traffic analysis is required. The system can integrate with any VPN solution to audit and secure remote access.

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NetCyte is a next-generation network access control solution that provides dynamic and adaptive access control with unparalleled threat discovery.
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