DNS Security

Protection from malware and zero-day attacks in minutes.


Agentless Collection of Artifacts Like Sysmon and Autoruns 

DNS (Domain Name System) is the phone book of the Internet. Computers use IP addresses to communicate across networks. Humans prefer names to numbers in the computing world, and DNS is used to map this connection. For instance, a domain name may be www.cloudcyte.com, and this translates to

There are two types of DNS Servers. The first type, authoritative DNS, enables organisations to identify their presence on the Internet with a domain name. The domain name is mapped to an IP address on the DNS Server to allow Internet users to access the organisation’s web site and other services available online.

The second type of DNS Server is recursive DNS. Recursive DNS is a middle-man between the Internet users and the Authoritative DNS server.

When a user types an Internet address(URL) like www.cybercyte.com in their web browser, the address is sent to a recursive DNS server for resolution. The recursive DNS server then identifies the authoritative DNS Server, learns the IP address of the requested URL and responds. Without a recursive DNS, users cannot access any resource on the Internet.

Secure DNS is a recursive DNS Service based on global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real-time.


DNSCyte is the secure DNS technology offered by CyberCyte. DNSCyte monitors and controls any access to the Internet enabling safe Internet browsing. Ability to block malicious activity and identify zero-day attacks even when users are off the premise is a significant feature of the solution.

User behaviour analysis is integrated into DNS baselining with machine learning and artificial intelligence for automated classification and blocking.

The system can enforce corporate compliance to acceptable use policy and act as an enabler for external regulations.

Holistic Threat Hunting for Stealth Cyber Attacks
CloudCyte provides free phishing attack simulator up-to 250 users and free trial of all features for thirty days.

Product Features

Classification Within Seconds

DNSCyte machine learning technology enables the classification of unknown traffic in

DNS Tunnelling Discovery

Discovery of DNS tunnelling is now easy with DNSCyte.

Malicious Activity Prevention

Protect the network against ransomware, malware, phishing, and botnet threats. Stop malicious activity before it starts communication.

Whitelisting for Internet

Only permits categorised Internet traffic to enable reliable protection for zero-day attacks.

Analysis of DNS Debug Logs

Identify the source of malicious traffic by enabling the automatic analysis of internal DNS Server logs.

Cloud-Based Realtime Reporting

Get real-time visibility and centralised reporting without any on-premise component.

Digital Forensics

In-depth digital forensics for users, devices and processes by supporting Inline and out of band operation support.

DNS Filtering

Filter, categorise and audit DNS requests from users and devices for securing the Internet traffic. 

DNSCyte Background

DNSCyte research team established in 2012.
99.9% of the internet has been categorised and is regularly crawled for changes.
Internet assets are assessed for security risk and content classification.
Includes Domain, IP, FQDN, SSL Certificate, Web Pages etc.
410 million+ domain names and 2.4 billion FQDNs.

In addition to our intelligence, we use a combination of paid and open source feeds all fed into our big data platform.

DNSCyte AI Engine provides content categorization and risk score.

Competitive Advantages

Ability to identify the source of malicious traffic without an agent.
Support for any DNS topology and any DNS server for integration.
Integration of hardware modems for parental control.
Can host the platform within service provider infrastructure.
Granular and more detailed classification of DNS requests.
Shorter classification interval for unknown requests.

DNSCyte for Office 365 & Exchange enables the discovery of malicious activity in e-mail messages.

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