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Agentless Collection of Artifacts Like Sysmon and Autoruns 

Many organizations are overwhelmed with problems like alert fatigue, difficulty prioritizing risks, and discovering complex attacks. CyberCyte EAR (Enhance, Amplify, Revolutionize) is a Blue Team and Automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA) platform utilizing Digital Forensic Analysis, Threat Hunting, and Asset Management through a new visibility layer with easy customization no other product can offer. The platform creates a unique visibility layer for accurate risk prioritization by integrating forensic artifacts and audit data seamlessly.

CyberCyte EAR creates a cyber defense framework to identify and respond to what is more important. It unifies threat, vulnerability, and hardening to enable accurate and fast identification of risks. The platform enhances an organization’s defense capabilities, amplifies threat visibility, and revolutionizes automated defense mechanisms. Once deployed, the system empowers organizations to proactively defend against evolving threats by providing advanced insights and unparalleled visibility.

The platform accurately prioritizes threats and risks by analyzing forensic artifacts using a robust classification system. The solution immediately identifies security gaps and creates a consolidated analysis framework for cyber assets, threats, and vulnerabilities against security controls.

Forensic artifact enrichment enables the discovery of risks that occurred in the past before security assessments were performed. This way of analysis enables the identification of additional risks not identified by the AV/EDR/XDR solutions as these systems analyze real-time activity. The solution also performs a complete analysis of the endpoints to assess how effective security applications are working and how security controls are applied. Remediation actions can be executed through the platform to minimize the dependency on other operations teams.

Holistic Threat Hunting for Stealth Cyber Attacks
CloudCyte provides free phishing attack simulator up-to 250 users and free trial of all features for thirty days.

Main Features

Enable immediate identification of security gaps.
Provide a single classification and risk-scoring framework to reduce the noise from excessive security alerts based on digital forensic analysis.
Automate threat hunting and scenario execution based on YARA and SIGMA rules to detect passive threats inside the IT infrastructure.
Create a consolidated visibility for assets, threats, and vulnerabilities for accurate prioritization.
Offer a centralized remediation and response infrastructure.
Discover and remediate configuration gaps based on CIS, DoD, BSI, and MSFT security baselines.
Enable the discovery of unknown forensic artifacts to identify malicious and uncompliant activity.
Create a new visibility layer by integrating forensic artifacts and audit data to enable security teams to identify complex threat patterns easily.
Consolidate threat hunting, investigation, and forensic analysis processes in a single solution that can be offered as an MDR service optionally.
Validate the effectiveness of the existing security infrastructure and the security controls.
Execute EDR and DLP Effectiveness Assessments Covering All Endpoints and Servers for Ransomware Risk and Information Leakages.
Track zero-day and exploited vulnerabilities.

Business Benefits


Increased Resiliency to Cyber Threats

  • Complete Visibility to Forensic Artifacts and Assets
  • Discover the Unknown

Lower Operational Costs

  • Simplify and Automate Remediation
  • Eliminate Security Gaps

Increased Productivity

  • Simplify Classification to Identify Risks Faster and Easier
  • Holistic View of Security Infrastructure

Use Cases

Leading International Energy Distribution Company
A leading energy distribution company with over ten million customers required a platform that automatically identifies and improves security gaps to strengthen the cyber security framework. CyberCyte platform provided a new layer of visibility to identify the improvements that can be performed within the existing cyber security solutions.

Leading Global Manufacturer
A global manufacturer producing motor pistons was looking for a solution to manage their cyber assets and assess if hardening in their infrastructure is performed effectively. CyberCyte was chosen as a managed service offering to monitor the health state of their cyber assets and improve the hardening settings in their endpoints.

A Hotel Group
A hotel group with more than 15 hotels in Turkey, Europe, and the US preferred CyberCyte to improve their cyber security posture. They wanted to collect and manage digital forensics artifacts to identify uncompliant activity. Their EASM and vulnerability tools were also integrated into the platform to create a single visibility within the infrastructure.

Main Differences

A New Visibility for Threat
SIEM/SOAR focused on audit
Collect and analyse forensic
artifacts for all devices based
on open standards.
A New Approach to
Discovering the Unknown
NDR/EDR/XDR monitors
events and activities.
Automated scenario
execution for detecting the
hidden risks.
Enable Zero-Trust
SOAR and XDR solutions act
for blocking threats.
Enable in-depth investigation
to eliminate non-standard
artifacts and configuration

A New Layer of Visibility

Solution Components

Response & Remediation


Uninstall Application


Remediate Security Controls


Kill Process


Delete File


Delete Service


Create/Delete Registry


Execute PowerShell Command & Script


Install/Upgrade Application

Platform Support

Granular artifact collection with or without agents.

Agent/Agentless Collection for Windows:
– Autoruns & Processes
– Sysmon & Event Log
– Asset Inventory
– Active Directory Objects
– Macro Files, Office MRU
– AM, Shim, DNS, SMB Caches
– Windows Prefetch
– Network Adaptors and PnP Devices
– Software Vulnerabilities

Agent/Agentless for Linux/Unix:
– Autoruns & Processes
– Command Execution
– Users & Groups
– Auth & System Logs
– Osquery
Support for different data collection methods

Remote Connection With WMI/Win-RM/SSH

SNMP Discovery
NMAP Scanning
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