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CloudCyte is designed to provide 360° Security for End-Users. The system identifies attacks bypassing the security infrastructure, protecting on-premise and remote workforce whether they use their business or personal devices through an unprecedented user experience. The platform provides zero-trust access control and e-mail inbox security.

Key Features

Complete protection by securing Internet and e-mail activity for the end-user.
The Microsoft Outlook plug-in can automatically scan every e-mail for threats and protect the user within the e-mail application for a better user experience and increased productivity.

Agent based and agentless deployment options for end-point security.

Easy to deploy, minimum maintenance and 24/7 technical assistance when requested. Support for self-installation through the user guidance wizard, videos and simple deployment guides.
Integrated platform with an unprecedented level of simplicity, scalability, and threat discovery.
CloudCyte is a zero-trust security platform for protecting on-premise and remote users 24/7
CloudCyte provides free phishing attack simulator up-to 250 users and free trial of all features for thirty days.
CloudCyte Modules


The DNS is the address book of the Internet. DNSCyte provides a secure DNS Service based on global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real-time. DNSCyte has indexed 99.9% of the Internet, which includes more than 1.7 billion web sites and 350 million top-level domains growing daily. With this intelligence, DNSCyte protects global businesses and users.

DNSCyte handles the DNS requests from users and redirects malicious requests to a sinkhole providing a new layer of security with artificial intelligence.


DefCyte is a GDPR compliant e-mail phishing detection and inbox security solution. The system enables organizations to identify and delete malicious e-mails bypassing the security controls. DefCyte provides a complete view of threats arising from phishing attacks. The users can report e-mails that they suspect is suspicious. Machine learning-based classification algorithm provides an extensive real-time view into threats. The platform provides unmatched visibility for malicious e-mails reaching the end-users. Once an e-mail is identified as malicious, the system can delete the e-mail from all user mailboxes.

Phishing simulation and user awareness training are also provided as built-in modules to enable organizations to prepare better for phishing attacks.


NetCyte is a Zero-Trust framework for the on-premise and remote users to enable controlled access to corporate resources. NetCyte tracks the activity of devices and can enforce two-factor authentication to identify the identity of users as they access the network. The system offers multiple methods to enable automated blocking of devices.

NetCyte enables the notification of end-users if malicious activity is detected in their devices. Optionally, VPN access can be blocked through a redirection of users to the CloudCyte Portal if non-compliance is detected.

Why CloudCyte?

Phishing e-mails
DefCyte guides end-users to identify malicious e-mails.
Increases end-user awareness and productivity.
Solution deployed in minutes.
Infected end-points
DNSCyte identifies and blocks and malicious traffic from the endpoints.
Enables discovery of zero-day attacks and data-exfiltration.
No end-user component is required enabling simple deployment.
Enable Zero-Trust
NetCyte tracks the activity of users on-premise or remote.
Enforce 2FA if device is unknown. Discover malicious network activity.
Multiple methods to enable automated blocking.

Use Cases

CloudCyte Use Case

An endpoint is infected with ransomware or similar malicious software.

An endpoint is infected with ransomware or CloudCyte blocks the malicious traffic and notifies the IT security team.
A malicious software exfiltrates corporate data.
CloudCyte blocks any traffic which is not categorized.
A phishing e-mail bypasses all security controls.
CloudCyte provides automatic notifications, enabling end-users to analyze and report risky e-mails.
The organization is looking for a platform to train its users for cyber threats.
CloudCyte enables the execution of training campaigns.
An identified phishing e-mail must be deleted from all user mailboxes.
CloudCyte can centrally delete an identified e-mail from all user mailboxes.
Enable on-premise and remote users to browse the Internet securely.
CloudCyte enables controlled Internet access based on defined categories.
Users are using their personal devices to access corporate resources.
CloudCyte can notify and block access if personal devices are used for accessing corporate data.

Supported Platforms

– Windows 8.1 +
– MAC OS Sierra +
– IOS 10 +
– Android 10 +
Agent Based E-Mail Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook
– Windows 2016 +
Agentless E-Mail Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook (Windows, MAC OS, IOS and Android)
– Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 +
– Microsoft Office 365
E-Mail Plug-In for Google Mail
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