360° Security for protecting users, networks and applications from cyber threats.

Today’s threats are evolving at an exponential rate with new methods for distribution, infection, infiltration, and evasion. These new techniques are continually overcoming traditional cyber defences. Famous attacks such as WannaCry, Not-Petya were based on eternal blue. They evaded pattern and signature-based security solutions.

Organisations faced with more advanced threats are also tackling with new challenges. Users are becoming more mobile. The traditional perimeter-based security models are not able to address increased mobility.

CloudCyte is designed to provide 360° Security for End-Users whether they are a large scale enterprise or an SMB.
The system allows organisations and MSSP’s to deploy the solution on their premise or any Cloud platform in minutes. All components of CloudCyte is based on virtualised containers enabling unlimited scalability without requiring complex resource planning. Deployment on any Kubernetes based platform including Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is supported. The system offers two major modules.


The DNS is the address book of the Internet. DNSCyte provides a secure DNS Service based on global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real-time. DNSCyte has indexed 99.9% of the Internet, which includes more than 1.7 billion web sites and 350 million top-level domains growing daily. With this intelligence, DNSCyte protects global businesses and users.

DNSCyte handles the DNS requests from users and redirects malicious requests to a sinkhole providing a new layer of security with artificial intelligence.

DNSCyte enables:

Classification of Internet Activity Within Seconds.
Block data exfiltration attacks utilising DNS Tunnelling.
Protect users against ransomware, malware, phishing, and botnet threats.
Only permit categorised Internet traffic to enable reliable protection for zero-day attacks.


DefCyte is a GDPR compliant e-mail phishing detection and inbox security solution. The system enables organisations to identify and delete malicious e-mails bypassing the security controls.

DefCyte provides a complete view of threats arising from phishing attacks. The users can report e-mails that they suspect is suspicious. Machine learning-based classification algorithm provides an extensive real-time view into threats. Recently initiated sites and domains are easily blocked before being identified as malicious by the traditional secure e-mail gateway solutions. The platform provides unmatched visibility for malicious e-mails reaching the end-users. Once an e-mail is identified as malicious, the system can delete the e-mail from all user mailboxes.
Phishing simulation and user awareness training are also provided as built-in modules to enable organisations to prepare better for phishing attacks.

DefCyte enables:

Identification of targeted phishing attacks bypassing the existing security controls.
Enable automated actions for malicious e-mails.
GDPR compliance by performing analysis based on the metadata collected from the e-mails.
Increased user awareness.

CloudCyte for MSSP’s

White-labelling support for all components to enable stronger MSSP brand visibility.

  • Main GUI
  • Outlook plug-in
Deployment on Kubernetes based platforms including Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are supported.
Utilise any cloud platform. Whichever platform is chosen automated upgrade of all components for minimum maintenance overhead.
Ability to enroll and initiate customers in minutes.
Full support for self-management and customer tracking.

Why CloudCyte?

Integrated platform with an unprecedented level of simplicity, scalability and threat discovery.

Complete protection by securing Internet and e-mail activity for the end-user.

Simple deployment with no maintenance overhead.

Stronger interaction with the end-users to enable increased awareness.

NetCyte is a next-generation NAC solution that provides dynamic and adaptive access control with unparalleled threat discovery.

DNSCyte is a recursive DNS Service based on global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real time.

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